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2005 WinePress.US WineFest Denver, Colorado
The First Annual 2005 Wine Press Wine Fest Photos  as I can get them uploaded

I will be adding an extremely large amount of photos here shortly once I can get them from everyone for the event.   I'll have thumbnails so it's easier and quicker downloading to preview the photos.  Cheers, Joel

Put a name with a face if you can....  



 I'll be sending off the comment sheets once I receive the medals, which have to be made. 

Congratulations to all who entered, as we had 140 entries. I personally didn't get to taste them all afterwards, but I did get to try a few, and they were great! I really enjoyed looking at everyone's labels on their bottles. 

Congrats again, and thanks to Tim Vandergrift for being our head judge. Stephanie McManus, Julie Morse and even Brad Ring from WineMaker Magazine was also a judge.  I'll get a list of the other judges soon.

2005 WinePress.US WineMaking Competition Results

Best of Show

White - Sauvignon Blanc  Steve Comella

Fruit - Island Mist Strawberry White Merlot Michelle DeLange

Red Winexpert Super Tuscan Michelle DeLange

Specialty Mead Richard Berkey

Judges Choice

Red Winexpert Super Tuscan Michelle DeLange

Honorable Mention: 30

Joel Sommer - 1

Terry Neve - 2

Steven Comella - 3

Michael Grippe - 2

Ed Slonaker - 1

Kevin Angley - 1

Dave Fisher - 3

Bill Nee 2

Lisa Berta - 2

Courtney Krenz 1

Michelle DeLange 2

Jon Goodholm 1

Curt Fisher 2

Jackie Baker - 1

Richard Berkey 1

Ron Janney 2

Stomp Them Grapes 2

Stephan Maguire - 1


Bronze Medals - 27

Terry Neve 1

Bob Morton 1

Steven Comella 1

Ed Slonaker 3

Dave Fischer 1

Anne, Jenny, Matt & Ray Nagashima 1

Warren True - 1

Carlo Teresi - 2

Jerry Klintz - 2

Paula Altenbach - 1

Michelle DeLange 2

Pat Cuthbert 1

Ken Glass - 2

Curt Fisher 2

Wayne Stacey 1

Jeff Campbell 1

Brian Carter 1

Richard Berkey 2

Bill Grant - 1


Silver Medals - 5

Terry Neve - 2

Courtney Krenz - 1

Pat Cuthbert - 1

Stomp Them Grapes - 1

Gold Medals - 4

Chuck Lujan 1

Paula Altenbach - 1

Richard Berkey 1

Stomp Them Grapes - 1






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Who will be attending?
Suppliers, home wine makers, chemists, vineyard and winery operators.  Get someone to join the forum and they can attend.

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