A bit about my vines...  "Year #1" & "Year #2" & "Year #3"

First off, my little vineyard is set up in a small old abandoned pasture on one of our family's farms.   The soil is rich with nutrients, but there is some clay in there.   I am told that this is not the best for vines, but its the best I can do unless I want to add sand to the soil.   No thanks, I should do just fine here without the sand.

It really doesn't take much space to set up a small vineyard.  I went overboard since I had the space, and vines are cheap.   I have 32 vines planted.   10 are Catawba and 22 are Concord.   I should have plenty of wine to give away each year since for every 10 plants, they should yield 20 gallons of wine.   Therefore; I should have 60 gallons of wine each year once the vines are mature.   60 gallons of wine equates to roughly 300 bottles of wine per year.   Holy crap, what am I getting myself into?   That's a lot of bottles to wash.

bullet16 Concord
bullet10 Catawba
bullet6 Vignole

I find attending to my vines addicting.   I want to go out there and water them, prune them, mow around them but I know that just letting them go for a while is best for the vines.

Be sure to check back often to see the current status of my vines.  Above, you will find "Year #1" & "Year #2" & "Year #3" links.

Some items you will need that I strongly recommend when starting your own vineyard: 
My work is being journalized chronologically to assist in showing  the time frame from planting the grapes to the first harvest at least one year later.   This chronology is to show you everything I went through to get my first home grown batch of wine.

bulletBook - From Vines to Wines
bulletRoom for the number of vines you plan on planting
bulletPoles for you trellises
bulletWire for your trellises
bulletPruners - I recommend a higher quality over the cheap plastic ones
bulletVines suitable to your growing area or region
bulletTraining poles - I use fiberglass four foot electric fence rods
bulletBlue-X Grow Tubes
bullet"Seven - 10" Herbicide to kill bugs
bullet"Roundup" grass and weed killer
bulletString for straight rows


Be sure to check out the links above to view the growth documented in the first year from the time I put the vines in the ground to the second year.  I'll continue to keep this site updated each time I visit the vines and take pictures.  I'll do my best to explain everything out ( to the best of my knowledge).

Be sure to check back often to see the current status of my vines.  Above, you will find "Year #1" & "Year #2" & "Year #3" links.


This is just how I am doing my vineyard.   You can do your vineyard any way you wish.   I am just offering this information to anyone who is interested in vines and wines.





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This little vineyard is about 35 miles SE of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

I have the vines on the upper 1/4th of a hill.  This keeps the frost/dew line down in the lower valley by the creek.  Therefore; providing more consistent weather for the vines in spring, fall and winter.

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