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This is the year beginning January 1, 2004 which is the second growing year for my vines: 
My work is being journalized chronologically to assist in showing  the time frame from planting the grapes to the first harvest usually 2-3 years later.   This chronology is to show you everything I went through to get my first home grown batch of wine. 

August 15, 2004
I decided it was time after a trip yesterday to a local winery that it was time to pick my concord grapes.  I'm not sure what their sugar level was, but I was getting antsy.  Here are the photos of my Vignole and the Catawba.


August 1, 2004
The first photo is the concord, the second is the vignole and the last is the catawba.


June 22, 2004
I just snapped these pics after mowing.


May 15, 2004
I went to mow the vines, and put on the grow tubes so I could spray roundup to kill the weeds and grasses in the row.   


April 28, 2004
I wanted to just drop by the vines to see how badly I need to mow and spray roundup down the rows.   I definitely need to mow, and getting the grow tubes on there and spraying the rows definitely needs to get done.    Here's some pics I took during the morning on my way to work.   The grapes are already starting to grow!!   


April 17, 2004
I went to mow around the vines, and hope to soon be spraying roundup along the rows.    It makes it much easier when mowing and keeping everything looking good.  Here are some pics I took.
January, 2004
I will be pruning the vines either the end of January or February of this year.   I'll do my best to explain which vines to cut, where and why.    The amount of growth this year should be simply amazing and I hope to have my first harvest this coming fall.  


This is just how I did my vineyard.   You can do your vineyard any way you wish.   I am just offering this information to anyone who is interested in vines and wines.


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The trellis system is in place, and I now have the cross arms up.   I hope to finish the trellising by the first week of July.  

Grow tubes
I have been sent more grow tubes by another manufacturer and will  stagger the Blue X and this other style to see if there is any noticeable difference.  I'll let you know my findings and recommendations.


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