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I highly recommend Orchard Valley Supply for all of your vineyard needs.
Orchard Valley Supply provided the most assistance for me when I put in my vineyard trellis system.   I think the only thing they didn't do, was to come help me dig the holes.   If they were closer, I bet they would have.    Be sure to see if they can get you some free samples of vine ties, etc.   I'll be doing a review on 5 different types of vine ties this summer which were provided by Orchard Valley Supply.  Be sure to contact them as well as check back to this web site.

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Orchard Valley Supply, Co.

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5243 Z-Max Boulevard
Harrisburg, NC 28075
888-755-0098   or   704-455-4933 phone
Orchard Valley Supply, Co. is dedicated to providing high quality products and services for the vineyard and orchard industry. Plans are to expand from its current business of supplying hand held vineyard equipment and supplies into new areas such as Tractors and Implements, Power Equipment, Solution Providers and eventually Vineyard Management Services. These new areas of growth for the company will include lawn mowers and tractors, line trimmers, ATVís, generators, trailers, tillers, etc. Orchard Valley Supply is in business to provide first class products and services worldwide and will provide products and services to the specifications of each individual customer at a competitive price.
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Learning Curve
Just call them for their assistance or email them.  Joe and Maggie can help you out with any questions you may have for your vineyard needs.



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