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LabelWare Computing Ltd.
Wine Label Software is designed for use with commercially available pre-printed Wine & Beer Labels.  Christina deVries is the owner.    Wine Label now comes complete with over-printing Templates for these label manufacturers:

bullet4th & Vine Studio Labels
bulletClassic Studio Labels
bulletStoney Creek Cardinal Collection
bulletVinotheque Gallery Series

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LabelWare Computing Ltd.
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Calgary, Alberta  T3H 3C8

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It's so easy, you can learn to create your own labels in minutes.  Here's how it works:
bulletSelect your choice of pre-printed or plain label sheets from your local wine making supply retailer. All of the above manufacturers' label designs are supported by Wine Label.
bulletChoose the corresponding pre-defined "view only" template from your Wine Label Software.
bulletUse Wine Label Software to add text, fonts, shapes, clipart or your own graphics to the template to create your personalize layout right on screen.
bulletPrint your design onto the label sheets using your inkjet or laser printer
bulletApply the labels to your bottles.

With LabelWare, you can create your own labels.
Be creative, add an image, make it just like you like.   Good software in my opinion.

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