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Labels help present the quality of the wine before the cork is even removed.
Well, last year, as you can see, I just printed off some info on a black and white printer.   You can see the quality of the label I ended up with as well.     You can be the judge of which wine you'd rather drink without even removing the cork.  The label has quite a bit to do with pre-opening presentation.   It just says more about the quality of the wine inside.

I guess it shows and can be an indication of just how much effort and time you put into the wine, just by the quality of the label itself.  


What do I need?
Make one on your own with label making software, or have someone make one for you.      I also had to give my old color printer a good cleaning and a fresh cartridge.    Don't forget the foil caps, which really help dress up your bottle.  These come in a wide variety of designs and colors.   As you can see, the new labels I just made with the new software turned out great compared to my ugly ones from last year.   I did these all on my home color printer.  You can get downloadable software as well as the pre-made templates on the Internet.  Find out more in the suppliers page.   

Noontime Labels or Fourth & Vine are great companys with software and pre-made labels available.  I hope to have their software available here for demo downloads.   


Order custom made wine labels


Wine Label making software


One of the guys at work wanted to redesign my labels and here's what he has in a preliminary stage:


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Wine Labels say so much about what is inside.
Labels say so much for your wine.  Why would you work so hard to make a wine that you're proud of, and then put a cheap home made label on it like I did last year when I was in a hurry.  Actually, I did mine that way to add to the originality of "home made" wine for an appreciation value.  I still don't know if it worked or not.  

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