Vine Training is done to optimize sunlight and airflow

Vine Training can is a very important step in your grape growing.
Vine Training is done to optimize the trellis system you have for your vines.   You want to have your vines separated so they do not fight for sunlight or air.   It's just that simple from what I understand.

What do I need?
There are several different types of vine training attaching products out there.  Here are some that I have tried.   Be sure to contact a distributor for a free sample of various types if they offer them. 


Two Piece Snap Together


Sleeve type - Blue X


Milk cartons


Also, here's the progress with my new Vignole vines I planted back in mid April, 2003.   The one on the left is using the Blue-X growtube.   The one on the right is a snap together 2 piece growtube.    I have found the snap together growtube to be much easier later on for pruning lower growth as the vine gets older and starts reaching the trellis wire.     
Here are the vines as of July 27, 2003.  From the photos to the right, you can make your own determination.   Personally, I like the snap together style of grow tube.  It is easy to remove for pruning.   Also, at the end of the summer months, you'll want to remove the grow tubes.   If you have the Blue-X style, you'll have to cut the replaceable plastic outer sleeve and order new ones the next year.    


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Training is a simple process
All you're doing is attaching the vines to the trellis system you have installed.  

How Often?
I recommend visiting the vines every week at least to make sure the vines are properly growing.  

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