Here is a basic list of the items you will need or that I recommend.....
Many of these can be picked up at your local wine making shop, or online.   I recommend that you go with a "kit" first such as Vintners Reserve which has pretty much everything you need to get started.   This kit is usually around $75 and if you want to make your first batch out of a concentrate, you can usually buy the juice for about $30 or so.   Usually everything you see to the right is included and enough to get your first batch started.
bulletPrimary Fermenter - about a 7-10 gallon food grade plastic or stainless steel container with large opening
bulletSecondary Fermenter - this can be a glass carboy or food grade bucket, I recommend the carboy so you can watch what your wine is doing at all times
bulletGlass Carboy - 5-6 gallon, I prefer the six gallon and get the handles for them
bulletairlocks with bungs - these allow carbon dioxide to escape and prevent air from getting to your wine
bulletbottle corker - the one from the kit sucks so I opted for the floor corker for $50
bulletcorks - #9  1.5 inch to 1.75 inch long of good quality - in kit
bulletracking cane and tube - in kit
bulletchemicals such as pectic enzyme, acid blend, campden tablets, tannin and sterilizing solution mix
bulletfunnel with filter - get a big funnel with a big screen
bulletHydrometer and flask (tube to put wine juice in and float the hydrometer in) - in kit
bulletAcid Test kit
bulletBottle Brush - in kit
bulletCarboy Brush 

Before you begin.......
Everything has to be clean.  I mean really clean too.  I use and recommend two products by "Logic".   The first is for initial cleaning of dirty carboys, bottles, removing labels, etc.  It is called "Straight A".  This is really good when you get a case or two of used bottles from a local winery which have not been completely cleaned.  This will remove any sediment along with your bottle brush.     The second cleaning product is called "One Step".  I use this on everything right before I begin to work with my wine.  I rinse the cleaned carboys out with it, my equipment and my bottles.   They're easy to use, just add one tablespoon of which ever you're using to one gallon of warm water and stir to dissolve.

This is just some of the stuff I use for wine making.
There is nothing special about these items, yet they are quite important and helpful to have.

bulletWine Press
bulletFloor Corker
bulletBottle Drying Stand

Actually, my cousin owns the antique press and my buddy Dale Brandt owns the bottler.   We just do a lot in my basement and keep everything there until his winery production room gets done.   Dale picked up the 55 gallon stainless steel at a meat market, as it was no longer suitable for commercial use.   I think a weld on the outside of the bottom was cracked, and they could no longer use it.   It works great for wine making!!!   I just got the new 28 gallon variable volume fermenter from Wine, Wine & More Wine and I can hardly wait to see how it works.   It really looks well put together.


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Toys, toys, toys
You can really go overboard if you want.  I am lucky to have friends who have some of these things.  They aren't cheap.   They are truly worth it though I feel.

Bottle Filler
I am just using this because my buddy Dale bought it and needed some place to put it until his winery production room is finished.   I think that filling with the siphon tube is pretty much fun, since you get to drink the excess if you put too much in a bottle.   :o)

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