WinePress.US Introduction to Winemaking DVD for the beginner winemaker

When I started getting interested in making wine, I searched the internet for weeks, trying to see how wine is made and I read books too.  After becoming more educated in winemaking, I decided to help make the learning curve a lot easier for those wanting to learn this great hobby.  Learning by example to me is much easier than learning by just reading. 


I highly recommend this instructional video for any amateur getting into home winemaking.  Joel Sommer is no stranger to home winemaking; he is the owner and founder of WinePress.US, one of the largest winemaking and grape growing discussion forum on the internet. And now, he has just released a new instructional video in DVD format for new winemakers that teaches all the basics from equipment needed to making wine and filtering and bottling. It includes how to make wine from a kit, fruit wine from cherries, and wine from grapes.

Joel hosts this video that only runs 1hr 50 mins and so it's an easy watch with a bottle of wine by your side. And be sure to watch the Outtakes ... after the bottle of wine!   Daniel Pambianchi


I'd already read several winemaking books but purchased this video so I could actually see the process. I am a visual learner and this video really made me feel comfortable about taking the plunge into making wine from fresh grapes. Theres enough of an investment in equipment, materials and time that it is worth it to really understand what you have to do to be a successful winemaker. Joel takes you from start to finish and the methods he demonstrates are specifically applicable for a home winemaker, even the part where you stick your arm up to the elbow in red grape must! I definitely recommend this video for those who are jumping into the fantastic hobby of winemaking. It pays for itself from just one batch of your own high quality wine. Lennie


Great coverage of all the basics.  This DVD was really well worth getting. I am not the biggest reader, so watching a nearly 2 hour long DVD on all the different points on making wine, kits, grape, fruit wines, equipment, crushing, destemming, pressing, bottling and more..   It's the cost of a couple books, but you'll watch this again and again. Very well done.  Wineman Dave


Price Reduced!!!!

Click here to view the sample trailer


WinePress.US now has a DVD with nearly two hours of education to help you learn how to make wine at home.  All topics are covered for the basics, and some additional information.    On the DVD you will have:
bulletIntroduction to Winemaking - the basics
bulletBasic Equipment Needed
bulletKit Winemaking
bulletFruit Winemaking
bulletGrape Crushing / De-stemming
bulletGrape Winemaking
bulletPressing of the must
bulletSecondary Fermentation
bulletCorking & Labeling

Buy the nearly two hour long Introduction to Winemaking DVD for yourself, give it as a gift, or use it at your club meetings to introduce new winemakers to the hobby.

Get both for just $44.95 plus $6.95 shipping




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