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This web cam is live 24/7 from my cellar, in the shed preparing grapes, or somewhere else around the house.    I move the web cam around to where ever I am working on my projects.  I really wish I could have this out in my vineyard.  

Currently, I'm working on a winemaking DVD, and you can watch me make wine and make the DVD.   I'll be building a 10' x 12' walk in wine cellar too.  

If you'd like to make a donation for our new server I just put into place, just click on the button below.

It may take 5-15 seconds for the java applet to load and have the frame synchronize.  This is just a java applet that will run on its own, you don't need to download any software.   When you bring up the web page, the gray box in the middle should go black, and say "frame synchronizing" it'll then take about 5 seconds and then you'll have live streaming video.  Thank you for visiting the live cellar cam, please email me with your thoughts.

If the video does not come up, and there's a small box with a red "X" in it, you need to get the latest version of Java code for free by clicking here.

Live Bottling & Batch July 23rd results!!  I had 6 gallons of Concord and 6 gallons of Elderberry I bottled.   Once that was completed, I started two new batches.   One is a Cranberry wine and the other is a batch from a kit I believe it was Chianti.  Again I had well over 165 viewers on the live cellar cam.   At one time there were 35-40 simultaneous viewers.   Thanks to everyone for checking in to see what I'm up to.  Check the recipe section for updates, and check back often for the live web cam.   

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Sometimes this cam is not placed in the cellar area due to privacy concerns, however; when we are making wine, bottling, racking, etc, we will have the web cam on then in that location.

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