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Some of the available items are WP wine glasses, t-shirts and wine bottle cooler cups that help hold chilled wine temps compared to bottles exposed to the open air.  

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This nearly two (2) hour DVD shows the basics of getting started in winemaking.  Intro, Equipment Introduction, Kit Winemaking, Fruit Winemaking, Grape Winemaking, Crushing / De-stemming, Pressing, Racking, Filtering, Bottling, Corking, Labels and Storage.

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Two (2) WP Wine Glasses White Logo
$12 plus $6.95 shipping

Two (2) WP Wine Glasses Maroon Logo
$12 plus $6.95 shipping

Set of Four Wine Glasses - 2 white / 2 maroon   $20 plus $9.95 shipping
12.75 oz WinePress.US Wine Glasses 
Two White
Two Maroon
Set of Four
 WP Wine Bottle Cooler Cup     $10 plus $3 shipping

These cooler cups actually help slow the warming of your chilled wines.  They work great.

WP Cooler Cup
 WP Embroidered Waiter Style Apron     $15 each plus $4 shipping
WP Apron
  WinePress.US Winemaker T-Shirt - Size Medium     $16.95 each plus $5 shipping

WinePress.US Winemaker T-Shirt - Size Large     $16.95 each plus $5 shipping

WinePress.US Winemaker T-Shirt - Size X-Large     $16.95 each plus $5 shipping

WinePress.US Winemaker T-Shirt - Size XX-Large     $16.95 each plus $5 shipping
WinePress.US Winemaker - Front

XXL -  
Sold Out
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I will be taking orders via I will be taking orders via paypal, money order or check. Please indicate how many of each item, size & color if necessary.   On large orders, I can save you money with the shipping.  Email me if you have questions:  joel @ (eliminate the spaces)






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