I hope that you’ll take the time to read the information below and to consider supporting WinePress.US by taking advantage of the banner ad placement rotation program available.   The members of WinePress.US are very loyal to the supporters of the site.

Great things are happening at WinePress.US. Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets are integrated into the WinePress.US forum.  Each year, WinePress.US hosts an annual Winefest in a different city each year.   Also, I have just added some new features and upgrades to the WinePress.US forum, such as a blog section and photo gallery for members and a section for members to find other wine makers or clubs near them, broken down by country and state.    I look forward to your thoughts and hopefully building a working relationship in the near future.

Now in this economy as budgets tighten, it's best to move your advertising dollar from subscription based magazines, to the places that people will then go to once they decide that they need to cancel their subscriptions.   They will go to the Internet to get the same amount of information, if not even more, having direct access to manufacturers and distributors all for FREE.   They will flock to www.WinePress.US even more than ever.


WinePress.US wine making and grape growing discussion forum has recently set new records for it’s member usage. WinePress.US has had 13 consecutive months of over 10 million hits each month.   The numbers show continuous growth and increasing membership activity.  WinePress.US has grown to roughly 17,000 members, with over 475,000 topic posts related to wine making, grape growing, cellar construction and more.  This is nearly 13,000 more members than the largest Yahoo, Google, MSN or any other wine making discussion forum. It has taken many of the Yahoo discussion groups 6 to 10 years to get a third of that large of membership.

I started this site a several years ago to best document my wine making hobby and experiences, as well as for others to learn and share their experiences.  Initially, I had viewed this venture as a “hobby expense”, but again recently reached a point where I must either increase my hardware, software, etc., capabilities, or let my web site viewers experience degradation of services with slower speeds, etc.  I originally built the site with the intention of little or no “advertising”, instead relying upon strong relationships with various suppliers who offered certain incentives.  Due to the server hardware, software, Internet access, server collocation, management of the server, server updates, search engine & directory registration, etc., costs are more than I had originally anticipated.

Many of the other discussion forums make the members click through whole page ads before they can read a message or post. This format is a nuisance and time waster for a viewer and may be why many other forums or groups do not get as many posts as WinePress.US. They may have a large number of members, but the majority of those members never come back. Many registered once and visited for a while, and no longer visit that forum.   WinePress.US does not have this problem.  WinePress.US members are very active with many of them logging in several times daily.

WinePress.US offers several advertising options.  Companies can choose from banner ad space on the top and bottom of each page, skyscraper ad space on the main forum page, or smaller tile boxes on the main forum page.  Each of these options have display quantity and term length options.  This should show a great opportunity for the right companies to advertise and associate themselves with WinePress.US and its members.

There are other smaller wine making web sites selling 10,000 page views banner ads for $300 to $600 per month with 12 month commitment terms.  I have packages that far exceed the advertising company’s return compared to these “other” sites’ packages. WinePress.US has much greater viewer traffic as well.   I have small programs for the local wine making supply shop to packages for top manufacturers in the industry.  Please email me at joel@winepress.us for a list of the available banner ad program choices.

What does this mean if you agree to support WinePress.US with a banner advertisement campaign?  Your banner ad will appear in a rotation each time the page is viewed. The average viewer to the forum spends 27 minutes in the forum.

  General Web Stats for August 2010


Hits Entire Site (Successful) 10,264,687


Average per Day 342,156


Page Views 5,225,486


Average per Day 174,183


Average per Unique Visitor 105


Average Unique Daily Visitors:  1,894


Average Visit Length:   22 min 38 seconds

I sincerely appreciate your input as well as look forward to a strong working relationship. I am sure that you will find the value in advertising on this web site, which has such dedicated and loyal viewers and participants.  At your request, I can provide you with an ad rate sheet for your review. Thank you again for your time and consideration. I wish the best for your business, your health, your family and your cellar.

I would also like to invite you to become a member for FREE in the discussion forum.   The members range from chemists, vineyard / winery owners, suppliers, supply manufacturers, kit manufacturers, wine clubs, veteran and amateur wine makers.   This is a great way for companies to get the “pulse” of the small winery, home winemaker & grape growing industry first hand from the customers’ perspectives.   The more people we have in the family, the greater the knowledge  base for everyone.   This is one of the reasons that WinePress.US is so successful.   I hope to see you as a registered member soon.

I look forward to your reply and interest in supporting www.WinePress.US with a banner advertisement.


Joel Sommer


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