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....  is not only the largest winemaking & grape growing social network discussion forum on the entire web for  ~ wineries, vineyard owners, wine enthusiasts, home winemakers, professional winemakers, product manufacturers and morealike ~ it is completely devoted to sharing a wealth of information, concocting specialty 'recipe's', learning the ins & outs of everything WINE ~ and ALL the while ~ laughing, learning & sharing the personal exploration within this 'family' of wine lovers! 

Each link to the right provides in depth information covering the gamut of making wine, and will give you quite a 'taste' of my personal journey and passion in creating wine masterpieces for more than eight years. 

Here at WinePress.US ~ You, too ~ will learn to make a fine homemade wine, how to grow your own grapes, and how to build a wine cellar!

Join us as a guest & and take a "peek inside" our forum, or register as a member for free & become part of our "family" by simply clicking below today!

Thank you for visiting, ~ grab yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, take your time to peruse my website and ~ most importantly ~ enjoy!   Cheers, Joel

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How I got started: I spent weeks researching on the Internet only to get bits and pieces of information.  Here are my findings as well as the lessons I've learned along the way.

 It is a great feeling to see someone drink a glass of your wine and have a smile come across their face.   I hope you see my enthusiasm and enjoy the site. 

Back to the Basics....
This site is devoted to not only providing information to others interested in making wine and grape growing for this purpose, it is also devoted to the sharing of this information, including lessons learned .  Here, I humbly impart the wisdoms of my own lessons learned, and share with you, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.  Learn from my mishaps, misfortunes and especially from... my good fortunes.


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WinePress.US continues to provide added features and benefits of becoming a member in the WP forum.  Some of the recent features include or to be included are: Member Profiles, Photo Galleries, Events Calendar, Members' Blog Section, Member Map and more.

While the new server is complete,  I am in a position to constantly & consistently 'update' the server... to keep the WinePress.US site 'up & running'.  I humbly & respectfully request of my visitors and contributors to consider making a donation to the 'New Server Fund'.  Thank you!

 Recently, I have had a great deal of requests about where I obtained the signs I have on my carboys.   My recipe: I just took some Mardi Gras beads (everyone has some of these or something like these around the house) and cut them to about 10 inches in length.   Then I cut up some thin plastic, which I believe was excess bathroom shower liner, into small squares for the labels. Then I glued the Mardi Gras beads to them in the top corners. (you can use hot glue, super glue, etc) 

Then I just used my label maker for the wine type and year.   I kept mine in separate lines so I can don't have to print out full labels each time.  I'll just keep them from each type and change the year with each new batch.   If you've got a good idea, tip or trick, please be sure to mention it in our "Wine forum where wine-minds think alike". Everyone here, and especially those taking part in our Wine Forum, are trading tips, tidbits, sharing great information & is constantly learning.



I have tried making or have already have made.....
I have made or am currently making........


Concord Grape


Apple Cinnamon


Cranberry Apple








Raspberry Zinfandel (kit)






Merlot (kit)


Chianti (kit)


Pinot Noir (from kit)


California Blush (from kit)


Cabernet / Merlot (kit)



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